Important Wedding Vendor Questions to ask!

8 Tips when Weather Postpones your Wedding


  • Did you know that anyone can put an ad online and claim to be a "wedding vendor"?
  • Did you also know that NONE of big wedding websites screen their vendors?
  • How do you know their reviews are even real?

With our foolproof wedding vendor questions, you'll protect your wedding from
unprofessional vendors and assemble your vendor dream team!

Just starting your vendor search? Here's 3 opening questions:
1) Are you available on my date?
2) What is your pricing?
3) Are you Wedding Certified?

Already in discussion with vendors? Ask these next questions to narrow down the field:

1) Who will be there on my wedding day?

To ensure you receive the talent/service you pay for, it’s important to know which person will be there on your wedding day. Oftentimes, the person you meet with is not the same person who shows up. Make sure the person is listed in your contract.

2) How will you make my wedding great?

Get to the point. You want a great wedding. How will they help?

3) Are you Wedding Certified?

Vendors who are Wedding Certified have been screened by the National Wedding Council and are held to the highest ethical and professional standards. 100% Verified & Trusted Professionals.

4) What makes you better than the rest?

Many vendors appear similar and the fastest way to differentiate them and learn about their business is to ask.

5) Do you have a backup plan if something goes wrong?

Anything can happen when you integrate more than a dozen vendors in one day. Having a solid plan B for weather, power outages and other problems is imperative. Want More Questions?

6) Are you insured?

Most venues require that your vendors be insured and this is a big indication if the prospect is professional or not. Venue’s should already have insurance but if it’s a barn or unusual setting, it wouldn’t hurt to ask. The last thing you want is to be on the hook if something goes wrong.

7) What is your pricing? and do you service my wedding location?

Knowing the final costs after travel/setup/taxes is very important. Make sure you know the bottom line totals before signing anything.

Planning a wedding is challenging enough, and without the right vendors, you could be in for a day of stress or worse. Anonymous online reviews, friend recommendations and the rigors of planning can also make it difficult to see which vendors are actually the best fit or even safe for your wedding.

While there's no guarantee, you can greatly improve your chances of a perfect day with these tools. Transparency is always the best policy.

Happy planning!