8 Tips when Weather Impacts your Wedding

8 Tips when Weather Postpones your Wedding

Bad wedding weather, Now what??

Weather is the uncontrollable force of nature that has no empathy and can derail your dream wedding, at least for a moment. If your wedding is held in a season or region that can face extreme weather conditions, it’s important to know what to do if weather impedes your wedding plans.

How to "weather" the storm!

If the storm is just bad enough to throw a curveball in your plans but not cancel it entirely, here are tips to make sure your wedding still rocks!

1) Adjust your timeline: Try to alter your timeline as best you can to work around storm conditions. Sometimes adjusting your wedding a few hours in any direction can minimize the storms impact on your big day.

2) Consolidate locations: If your ceremony was scheduled to be in a separate location, try to move the ceremony to the reception venue so your guests and vendors only need to arrive at one place.

3) Coordinate with your planner and/or photographer. If you can take photos when the storm is at the low point, you may barely notice it was ever there.

4) Snow is Fun! Get a cute sweater and umbrella and have fun with it! Some of my favorite wedding photographs and moments as a vendor were involved with inclement weather. If you're not worried about it, your guests won't be either!

5) Enjoy the adventure! You only get married once so make it a great time! You lead the enthusiasm and everyone will follow. (and maybe grab a few extra hotel rooms for guests that may need to stay over)

My wedding was postponed. Now what??

1) Don’t panic. I know, easier said then done. Look, no one wants bad weather on their wedding date, nor reschedule their wedding last minute. But if you have to, a few weeks or months difference isn’t all that bad in the scheme of things. You’re marrying your best friend, so no matter when it happens, it’ll be beautiful.

2) Send a group email to your vendors before the day If you know there’s a storm on the horizon, ask your vendors in advance about potential rescheduling dates. Most great vendors, especially if they’re Wedding Certified, will be compassionate and accommodate your new wedding date . As a wedding professional myself, I’ve never found a wedding that was unable to be rescheduled.

3) Keep the dialogue going after. Talk in detail with you vendors about the rescheduling plans and make sure everyone is on board and available. Know what your contract says about extreme weather situations and communicate with your vendors.

Bottom line, you can protect your wedding with certified vendors.

Certified vendors are compassionate and will seamlessly help you weather the storm. We perform extensive checks, seek referrals and look for insurance. We also provide guides and training to help our vendors constantly grow and improve. However, if you hired the wrong vendors or signed a contract that doesn’t allow any flexibility, you could be on the hook for services that are never delivered. Ask your vendors if they're "Wedding Certified" and be protected.