Tired of couples hiring unprofessional vendors?

The risk to your venue is substantial. We'll protect your business from high-risk vendors, and safely drive more couples to your preferred vendors, absolutely free.

When a couple hires an unprofessional vendor, or worse, everyone looks bad. Say goodbye to the nightmare vendors who dress unprofessional, arrive late and make your job more difficult.

With the world's first Vendor Evaluation and Monitoring Program, Wedding Certified, vendors are evaluated by us to assess current risk to your business and ensure they meet the highest professional standards to protect your reputation. When we evaluate and certify your preferred vendors, your couples will be less likely to hire outside vendors, and gain more confidence to hire the vendors you prefer.

Presently though, 76% of couples are wary of vendor recommendations over kick-back and conflict of interest concerns and why less than half use the vendors on your list. Preferred vendors only serve their purpose if your couples use them often, and if they make your job easier to perform. For over 92% of venues nationwide, that is not the case. Together, we can safely drive more couples to your preferred vendors and allow you to focus more time on exceeding your couples expectations!


Protect your business.

Protect your brand and reputation after your preferred vendors undergo our thorough 10-point business evaluation.


It's Free!

You pay nothing and work more often with the vendors you love!


Everyone Wins!

Your venue looks great to couples!
Couples trust your preferred vendors.
Preferred vendors earn more business.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I know if a vendor I recommend is no longer meeting my standards? Our Annual Monitoring program will detect and alert you of a vendor who is no longer performing at acceptable standards. Our exclusive reporting platform allows venues and other couples to share vendor feedback in real-time to help you make an informed decision before a problem arises. Best of all, our comprehensive oversight and risk-mitigating solutions are absolutely free for your business!

I'd like to keep recommending our preferred vendors, can we still do that? Absolutely! We are not telling you who to recommend, we are informing you of who you may no longer want to recommend if they are deemed a risk. If we informed you a vendor was performing terribly at other venues with many couples filing complaints, would you still want to recommend them?

Free for you, Invaluable to your business.

The Future of Weddings is here.

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