Fact: Over 85% of couples experience a vendor problem.

With so many vendors sharing advertiser "awards," how do you know who to trust? Learn what tricks to look out for and more!

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The creation of the National Wedding Council and the Wedding Certification status has been something that wedding industry has lacked for years. Proper verification and a stringent set of qualifications will validate vendors who wish to be Wedding Certified. The Council ensures vendors with a Certified Status are the “Real Deal.

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Our goal is to protect brides and grooms from unprofessional vendors. It only takes one to throw off your vendor dream team.

Common deceptive practices we uncover include: fake online reviews, pricing games, bait-and-switch tactics, service misrepresentations, stolen images and subcontracting. Many of which, tend to go unreported.



There's no training or background requirements to become a wedding vendor. We've all heard the horror stories. That's why our certified vendors undergo a rigorous professional evaluation, and are held to the highest industry standards, so you know who's professional and who's not.

When shopping for vendors, look for the trusted seal and ask your vendors: Are you Wedding Certified?


Dispute Resolution

Protecting your wedding day is our #1 priority. In the rare event of a vendor issue, we'll help you resolve it, for FREE!

To ensure you're protected by our free dispute resolution services, ask your vendors: Are you Wedding Certified?

How does Wedding Certified work?

1. We review your wedding vendors using a 10-point business evaluation and certify the ones you can trust!

2. Confidently book your Certified Vendors.

3. Enjoy the best day of your life with support from the National Wedding Council.

Find Certified Vendors!

Top 4 vendor evaluation points:


Practice professionally, Standard of skill competent for consistent success.

Importance grade: A+

Why? Simple. Anything less is unacceptable for a once-in-a-lifetime wedding event.

How? We evaluate vendors business history, strength / validity of online reviews, years in business, and grade based the business’ likelihood to deliver a consistently professional service.


Honesty and reliability are the most crucial elements in a vendor / client relationship.

Importance grade: A+

Why? Trusting your vendors to deliver the service you agreed upon and to arrive on time.

How? We rely heavily on recent couple testimonials, years in business and our interview responses to determine their likely trustworthiness to future couples.

Wedding Experience

A wedding day will move fast and having experienced wedding professionals will ensure it will flow as smooth as possible.

Importance grade: A+

Why? Since there is limited formal training to service the wedding industry, an inexperienced vendor may be ill equipped to deal with a situation on the fly. Lack of experience increases the chance of a vendor issue by over 200%.

How? We utilize public data sources, direct interviews and testimonials to determine our grade in this category. We will also seek confirmation from peer vendors in the region, if necessary.


Responding in a reasonable amount of time. (in-season times may be longer)

Importance grade: A-

Why? Wedding planning requires coordination of vendors and lack of response may impact other moving parts.

How? We examine responsiveness from couples reviews.

Wedding planning is stressful. Thankfully the Wedding Council made planning a wedding very easy and armed me with the tools to protect myself too! And if anything goes wrong, they'll be there to help fix it. Love that!

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What do you review? We study nearly a dozen different business elements including your vendors history, industry experience, passion for service and reputation using a proprietary grading scale to issue our certification decision.

What else can I do to avoid hiring a bad wedding vendor? We recommend reading our couples resources and pro advice blog to educate yourself on industry trends and occasional deceptive practices we uncover. It's become too easy for inexperienced vendors to create nice looking websites that mask their ability to deliver a professional service. Remember you only have one shot, choose wisely.

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7 tips to AVOID a bad wedding vendor!


Avoid vendors with “No negative review” clauses in their contracts. Unprofessional vendors may bury these clauses in their fine print and essentially take away your ability to review them if they fail to deliver their service properly. If you agree to these clauses, certain states may also allow the vendor to file a lawsuit against you for negative reviews, even if they’re valid.


There are many review websites out there. However, some operate on a pay-to-play basis and may remove negative reviews to protect their vendors. Positive reviews can even be faked on the internet. Bottom line, get the whole picture. Contact as many recommendations as you can and read the negative reviews as well. A negative review does not necessarily make a vendor inadequate, but many negative reviews may be a red flag.


Avoid high-pressure sales tactics and carefully consider any vendor decision.


Similar to the above, make sure there are no hidden charges or fees in your contract.

Vendors who are not certified may send you an invoice after your wedding if you don’t look closely. Commonly invoiced charges include: Travel, Lodging, Setup, Overtime and Food.


Trust your instincts. If something feels off, it probably is. Although we thoroughly vet all of our Certified Wedding Vendors, we recommend using sound judgement when choosing vendors for your wedding. There is high turnover in the wedding industry so make sure you know who will be showing up on your wedding day.


Like any service industry, there are a fair amount of “part-timers.” While this may equal lower costs up front, it also means higher risk of unsatisfactory performance and could leave you with a disappointing experience. We recommend using only full-time certified professionals for your big day!


Out of over 100 newlyweds we interviewed, over 85% had at least one vendor regret. We recommend using only Certified Wedding Vendors for your big day.

How do you know if a vendor is certified? If the certification seal is not present, ask your prospective vendors "Are You Wedding Certified?" You can also search here.